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Mayank Grover

Divorce and Family Law Attorney
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The law is complicated and can be confusing to the untrained eye. Do you feel you have been wronged and want to safeguard your rights? 
I am a Divorce and Family Law Attorney and have been providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand counsel to my clients. I know how overwhelming the legal process can be, especially when you are under an enormous amount of stress. This is why my goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case.
As a Family Law Attorney, I understand that the disputes my clients face with their spouses are not only complex legal issues but also have a significant emotional element to them. It is always my endeavor to help my clients resolve their disputes in a time and cost-efficient manner. I will keep you involved and personally guide you in making important decisions about your case, calmly and effectively.

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Domestic Violence

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Recent Developments

Family Law is ever-evolving. Every day, the Indian Judiciary clarifies, elaborates, and rules on the different aspects of divorce, maintenance, custody, and succession. On this page, you can find all the latest updates and articles in the field of Divorce and Family Law

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Wife Staying Abroad For Career Not 'Cruelty' To Husband Or 'Desertion Of Spouse'

Source: Live Law

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